Google+ Helps Businesses Reach Their Target Audience.

Google+ catches up to Facebook in the great social media race.

It feels like just when you’ve started to get used to one social media outlet, along comes another that claims to be much bigger and a million times better. Newcomer Google+ is the latest in a boom of social media sites to extend a helping hand to businesses looking to broaden their customer reach, and is now estimated to have upwards of 60 million users, with over 600,000 new signups per day. When you take into account the fact that Facebook – although boasting 800 million users now – took more than two years to reach the same figure, it really does seem like Google+ is onto something. “But what do they offer that Facebook doesn’t?” companies are asking. One of Google+’s main advantages becomes apparent where search results are concerned. The site incorporates a clever piece of coding that directly connects clients from your website to your Google+ page, via an ‘Add to circles’ button that appears in your search result information. In conjunction with this, there is an additional feature that shows how many people have +1’d (Google’s version of Facebook likes) your website, showing potential new clients what a healthy fan base you already hold. Now, these ‘circles’ in particular are one of the most exciting features of this up and coming site. They allow you to really target your messages at specific groups of people and prevent daily updates from being viewed as spam, something that can often happen with disinterested Facebook fans. Your circles can potentially consist of employees ready to receive news about new social media promotions, partners who may be interested in special promotions that involve their own product, that they can then share with their own audience, or top customers who can be treated to easily accessible discounts. Public updates will obviously always be the bread and butter of your social media world, but with circles you can target your messages even more accurately to reach specific customers that may get lost among your legion of Facebook fans. Perhaps the most beneficial service though – especially for companies using social media promotion – is the ‘Hangouts’ application. This allows you to interact with up to ten people in a chat room at once, and provides a fantastic platform for your customers to join you for a meeting about your latest products, a live competition or even a question and answer session. So what do you think? Will Google+ continue to take off? Or is it just a fad that won’t be able to live up to Facebook’s long standing prestige?
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