Using Google+ As Part of Your Internet Marketing Strategy?

How Google+ is making it easier for brands to control their social presence as part of their internet marketing strategy…

Use Google+ changes to monitor your Internet Marketing strategyLaunched just a few months ago, Google have already announced a series of changes to take place on their very own social networking site Google+. The changes, due to be rolled out this week, will see an increase in the number of users that can be given administrator permissions on a Google+ brand page from just one to a whopping 50. A great way to get everyone involved in your internet marketing strategy and the upkeep of your Google+ business page, creating multiple administrators can mean greater sharing power and the opportunity for all your staff to take advantage of the social networking phenomenon. Fantastic for companies who interact with clients on a regular basis, it means that individual sales executives or account managers can interact with their customers from the same place, under one brand name. Making a few tweaks to notification settings, Google will be adding new features allowing users to see who has subscribed to their page and shared it via the +1 button. Great for monitoring social presence on the site, it is ideal for businesses who want to know who’s looking at their page and who’s sharing what. Ideal for using alongside Google analytics, the new features will hopefully give business owners a fresh insight into their most popular pages and parts of their internet marketing campaigns that are really working. Vice President for the Google+ product, Bradley Horowitz, wrote of the changes “We’re pleased to announce a goodie basket full of Google+ features and functionality for you to unpack and enjoy over the holidays. Some of these were on nearly everyone’s wishlist… and some we hope will be welcome surprises.” With the New Year just over a week away, why not spend a couple of hours this Christmas familiarising yourself with the imminent Google+ changes? Getting to grips with the additional features will mean that come January, you’ll be raring to go and ready to inject an extra boost into your business’ internet marketing campaign. Recommended Services:

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