Google Panda 4.2 is Here!

We’ve been waiting for the latest Panda update for some time and now Google has confirmed that it is finally here – however it will be rolled out slowly over the coming months. So there’s no need to panic about dramatic ranking changes yet. Google said the new Panda update will affect 2 – 3 percent of all English language queries – but who’s at risk of a penalty?

What is Panda?

First let’s remind ourselves of what the Panda updates are about. The aim of Google Panda is to ensure sites with high quality, relevant content are rewarded above those with spammy low quality content or content that has been directly copied from other sites. So to avoid getting hit by Panda, websites must focus on producing high quality content that is relevant to the user – this we all know. So how will Panda 4.2 affect websites?

Who’s at Risk?

Generally, those that are guilty of the above – producing spammy, keyword-stuffed content or copying directly from other sites. So if you follow the good quality guidelines mentioned above, you should be fine.

How is Panda 4.2 Different?

This algorithm update will be rolled out slowly so you may not notice any ranking fluctuations yet, but if you do in the coming months then Panda is probably responsible. The good news is that, if you suffered a penalty as a result of the last Panda update in September 2014, this update should give you a nudge back in the right direction in the next few months.

How to Make Sure You’re Not Hit

Again, if you write good content that is relevant to your company, products or service, keeps your site visitors engaged and provides value (such as answering a common question, benefits of a certain product or just good old company news) you don’t need to worry too much. Many companies find it easier to enlist the services of an internet marketing agency to ensure their content is always up to scratch and compliant with Google’s quality guidelines, while enhancing their SEO and online presence at the same time. If you would like to know more about our online marketing services and how they can help your company grow online, please call our team today on 01282 504730.  

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