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Google Purchase Channel Intelligence

Internet giant Google have taken another step towards dominating the search engines; on Tuesday they acquired Channel Intelligence(CI), a data service that helps brands and retailers boost ecommerce sales. Google bought the company for $125 million, who was an original launch partner for Google Shopping. Channel Intelligence announced the move on its blog, saying they looked forward to working with Google and the great things they can achieve together. see-how-your-google-results-measure-up-with-google-grader-video--6b8bbb4b41The service focuses on helping consumers find and buy their products online, while helping businesses to grow their brands. It helps retailers to measure their marketing efforts and manage product details across multiple websites. Channel Intelligence has also helped to develop technology that helps merchants maximise sales and Return on Ad Spend with Product Listing Ads, which have become an increasingly important channel for merchants. The company provide a range of services including product feed optimisation and data management; they list Philips, HP and Best Buy among their customers and claim to work with 850 retailers on a global basis – perfect news for Google! The company believe that, by working with Google, they will be able to provide sellers with better tools to manage their products and market them across the web. Together, the companies are committed to making it easier for retailers and consumers alike to find the products they want online, allowing them to save time and money by offering a more efficient and effective service. The deal is expected to close in the first quarter.

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Google Purchase Channel Intelligence