Google Turns Users into Internet Marketers

Google Turns Users into Internet Marketers

Google is the latest search engine to start showing reviews and recommendations from Google+ users on Google maps and in search engine results. In some cases photos can even be used next to the product, service or place that a user has shared using the +1 button – similar to Facebook’s ‘like’ button. Any user that shares their +1 recommendations publicly could be shown in search results, paving the way for a new form of marketing that effectively turns users into internet marketers. Recommendations and reviews will be shown in search results from November.

+1 Recommendations Will Appear in Search Results

In a way, it’s great for users that want to learn more about how great or reliable a product, service or place really is – if you’re shopping or browsing for something in particular online the chances are you read the reviews to see what people really think rather Google +1 recommendations for internet marketingthan what the company says! To be able to see real reviews in search results is beneficial for users in this respect – and the company, provided the reviews are good! – but it also means you’ll have to be wary of what you recommend through the +1 button too. Recommending or liking a TV show or restaurant is all well and good, but if it’s something more private like a counselling service you could end up revealing far more than you meant to. Don’t worry though; it’s easy to alter your privacy settings so your endorsements aren’t shared. Simply go to Google’s Policies & Principles and click on the ‘shared endorsements setting’ where you can uncheck the box that automatically allows shared endorsements. If you already restrict your actions to friends you don’t need to do this – the option includes endorsements too.

It’s the Beginning of a New Form of Internet Marketing...

This new way of using social media to benefit internet marketing is sure to grow in popularity, since 68% of consumers trust user reviews and testimonials. The MonkeyFish Marketing team will keep you up to date with the latest news and updates from the internet marketing industry, so make sure you like our Facebook page to avoid missing out.
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