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Google brings Ramadan to the masses with its social media channels.

We have all heard of Ramadan, the month of fasting where Muslims refrain from eating and drinking from dawn until sunset, but you’ve never heard of it like this before… Google is for the first time taking Ramadan – and online marketing! – to new digital heights with the launch of an Islamic-geared YouTube channel that will broadcast live daily prayers from Mecca for the duration of the holy month. A second YouTube channel will also be set up, dedicated to specialist religious programming about Islam and more than fifty of the finest in Arabic soap operas. We know it sounds a little niche, but studies have shown that the rate of viewing of these soaps does peak during Ramadan, making it the perfect time to bring the culture to a wider audience. And it doesn’t stop there, Google+ are also set to host a series of thirty Hangouts featuring celebrity chefs and their favourite Iftar (the sunset meal that breaks the fast) recipes, doctors sharing tips for healthy eating during the Ramadan fast, poets discussing religious literature and even actors discussing their favourite religious television shows. This bold online marketing strategy looks set to be a godsend for all Hangouts involved, bringing a whole new wave of business to the companies.

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