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Happy Valentines Day from the Internet Marketing Experts!

The MonkeyFish team have been sharing the love today, we’ve even added a little celebratory image to our website to celebrate the most romantic day of the year. It’s always nice to add a personal touch to your internet marketing strategy at special times of the year. Whether it’s Christmas, Easter, Halloween or St George’s day, considering public holidays and events in your internet marketing strategy can give your team a real boost and help you to create themed newsletters, social media campaigns or even just a quirky website graphic! Heart of Ribbons There are so many different ‘days’ and ‘weeks’ to get involved with that finding something to suit your industry really is easy! If you’re struggling for ideas – this year is brimming with events just screaming out for attention. With the Olympics due to start in the next few months and the Queen’s Jubilee in June, there is so much to celebrate that it would be crazy not to capitalise on them to boost your internet marketing strategy and online presence. Using celebrations and public holidays to your advantage is a great way to produce original content for your website or blog. When combined with social media, it is a fantastic way to produce current campaigns that will have your followers talking in no time. Why not consider creating themed competitions or offering holiday-specific giveaways? Building a mutual connection between your business and your customers is the perfect way to increase your brand awareness and interact with clients on a more sociable level. Not only does creating themed internet marketing strategies work wonders for your business, it’s also a great way to boost team morale and encourages a happy work place. Asking your team to work together on an event-related article or to think of a new Facebook competition really gets brains working overtime and creates a real buzz for your business. If you’re feeling really adventurous… why not star in your very own ‘holiday’ video? Deliver a personal greeting from you and your staff and post it to your company blog – a great way to increase traffic and to remind everyone that you’re human after all. Learn more about the latest social media marketing services.


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Happy Valentines Day from the Internet Marketing Experts!