Have Google Created the New Social Networking Phenomonen

It now seems that yet another online colossal is looking to enter the social media and social networking spectacle and become the new face of online interaction. Google, the outright leaders and technical giants of search engine development in regards to online marketing, have now thrown their hat into a new ring as they look to become the market leaders in all aspects of online communication. With the design and development of Google plus (Google+) they seem to have gone for a different feel than that of Facebook and Twitter, however when you take a more detailed look at the format of it, it almost seems as though they may have tried to intertwine the two social networking sites, has this been done purposely in order to try and eliminate the two and settle for a site that does the job of both of these networking sites.?? or have they simply tried to offer a different alternative for people who maybe don’t like the feel of either of these two sites. Many people as you can imagine have a completely different out-take on the purpose and functionality of this site, with many social media experts arguing the case that it offers a more intimate feel rather than a structured form of social interaction. Google plus has implemented such applications as circles, sparks and huddles and actively claims to be a new to share your life over the worldwide web. A senior editor at CNET the technical review expert company, Rafe Needleman had the following to say when approached about Google Plus.

"At the moment, it feels more intimate, it feels more alive, more back and forth. It's this interesting cross between the live-stream of Twitter and the friend network of Facebook and I think it fits in really well. It's got the right technology; it just needs to get the right people in there, we forgot that we were using technology almost immediately. It's extremely natural and a very powerful feature."

Now the main difference that many experts have touched in in regards to Google Plus seems to be the way you are able to interact with people, it seems to portray a more user friendly feel, giving you the option to create circles for various types of friends and drag the appropriate contacts into them. Some of the features that seem to appeal to the few people who have tried out the new social networking site is the 'instant upload' application that allows you to almost instantly post your videos and photos, the 'spark', allowing you to find a common interest with fellow users and 'huddle' which allows you to group chat on a mobile device and even more advanced the 'hangouts' application for group video chats.

Now even with all these appealing features, due to the success that Facebook has already endured it does seem very unlikely that any new social networking site, no matter who it has been developed by is likely to de-throne Facebook as the number social media and networking site. However what Mr. Needleman did have to say in regards to this is the following.

"What Facebook has is the people and that's Google's hardest problem to overcome is getting people to use this system and to adopt it as a place to hangout and talk to people in the way that people do on Facebook, but, if anyone is going to give Facebook a run for its money, it's Google."

So watch this space are in line for a social networking battle or will the sites purely appeal to different people with different appeals, this is something that we are going to find out very soon, with the imminent launch of Google plus only weeks or even days away for the general public.

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