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Hello there, Here at Internet Marketing Company, MonkeyFish we love to see our clients happy and successful, that is why we have a specialised team who deal in web development, and all the important things associated with it. Web development can help to create a website that is more user friendly and is attractive to the eye. Domains, hosting’s Domains, sub-domains, hosts, link; to be honest it all sounds like something off star trek to the average person. It’s a mind boggling mixture of jargon to be honest, but monkeyfish can help, because they really do understand and this means you can get the most out of your website. Web development Monkeyfish take your ideas and make them brilliant! Our web team have years of experience between them and truly appreciate what you want and they have the knowledge and experience to do it. Database driven We can offer a service that includes, ‘domain name registration’, ‘website hosting’, ‘graphic design’, ‘web development CMS’ (content management systems), ‘ecommerce’ and SEO services. This is where our clever internet marketing is helpful and we can help you understand what we do and how we do it also how it benefits your company. Graphic design. Our graphic design team are able to create and provide you with fresh, new and stylish ideas that will make your website a pleasure to visit for your clients ad potential clients. We have innovative designs and “work with you every step of the way to ensure that the end product is perfect” and exactly what you want! Integrating; social media Essential, that is the only word we can use to describe how important it is to have social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter linked with your website. These social media networks, keep your website, up-to-date and current, the like buttons and follow buttons on these sites, create great client feedback and help to get your site noticed by keeping things stylish and professional but friendly to the modern user.
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