How Ad-Blockers are Affecting Online Advertising

The rise in ad-blocker use continues as consumers decide they no longer want to see targeted and privacy-invading ads from online brands. It’s becoming increasingly clear – from iOS 9’s ability to block ads and the fact that searches for ad blockers have doubled in the past year – that users are taking their privacy into their own hands and while this is great news for them, it’s not so great for online marketers. The effectiveness and success rate of ads has always been a hotly debated topic, but this dramatic upturn in the popularity of ad blockers is worrying for brands that are trying to finance their business and reach customers through ads. So what are the alternatives?

Online Marketing Alternatives

Naturally, search engine optimisation should be a part of any company’s digital marketing strategy to ensure your website is not only found for your brand name, but also the products and services you offer. It’s an investment that pays for itself over and over again when done properly. Beyond that, PPC is still an effective method for seeing fast traffic growth to your website, however it can be costly to maintain long term and is only sustainable if it provides a significant and consistent ROI. Social media platforms are utilised by most brands and businesses nowadays, but to what effect? There are lots of factors that come into play when defining success on social media, but generally speaking this medium is more about engaging with your customers and building trust and loyalty – which will reward you in the future. That said, targeted social advertising continues to gain traction, possibly due to the fact that ads are kept in their place and are directly relevant to a product or service that a user has been researching.

Talk to the Online Marketing Specialists

Guest posting, directory listings, affiliations – and let’s not forget about ads themselves – are all other options to reach and connect with consumers online. At MonkeyFish Marketing we’re here to help establish your brand online and ensure your investment in online marketing isn’t going to waste. To find out more about how we can grow your business online, take a look at our online marketing services or book a free website health check.

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