How do I get my Website on Google?

Have you ever found yourself wondering 'How Do I Get My Website on Google?' Maybe you currently sell a product or offer a service and are considering moving online to find new customers, or maybe you already have a website but nobody seems to use it, either way it sounds like you need to know a bit about Internet Marketing and how it can help you and your business! As we all know if anybody is looking for anything nowadays they tend to go on the computer and use a search engine like Google. Gone are the days people flicked through the Yellow Pages to find a number if they needed something everything is now online, but did you ever wonder how Google found the results it brings you from millions of different websites to choose from? Search engines are constantly reading through websites to try and understand what each site does so it can place it in the rankings for search terms and keywords, Google sends its ‘spiders’ into each site and reads the information it can find in order to determine which site is the most relevant for the millions of searches performed each day. One way to help Google and other search engines read your site and increase your rankings for your products or services is Search Engine Optimisation or SEO. This means Optimising your site and using Clever Internet Marketing techniques to make sure that the parts of your website that Google read are telling it exactly what you do and what you need to appear for. Google prides itself on bringing up the most relevant sites for your search query. The easier you make it for the Google Spiders to read your content, page headings and titles as well as having the correct structure in your site the more success your site will have. Popularity is also a big factor in getting your site found on the major search engines. Knowing where to leave links, reviews and  finding the best places to let Google find your site all contribute to the rankings your site will receive in Google and other search engines, so it’s important to get it right in order to take advantage of the millions of people searching online every day. If you want help from an Organic Ethical Search Engine Optimisation Company contact MonkeyFish Marketing and quote 'How Do I Get My Website on Google?' for a Free Website Health check and some great advice that could help revolutionise the way you do business. Brick Tile

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