How Google's Buy Now Button Will Change Online Shopping

You may have already heard about the imminent launch of Google’s ‘buy button’ which will allow searches to purchase products directly from the search results pages – removing interaction with the company’s website altogether. This is further evidence of Google’s battle against Amazon, who continues to dominate the online retail landscape. With Google removing the need for customers to visit a retailer’s website altogether and an estimated 40% of all online purchases originating from Google searches, the fight to the hot-spot of position 1 page 1 will increase dramatically. So while this is great news for online marketing companies that do SEO and SEM right (like us!), it’s also good news for smaller retailers that win the battle to the top who will benefit not only from increased exposure, but potentially increased sales through the instant purchase button.

Is there an online shopping revolution on the horizon?

Based on the success of Google Shopping, which has become a major part of many retailers’ online strategies this year and currently lists over 1 billion products, the appeal of a ‘Buy Now’ button looks promising. However, will consumers be willing to trust that the search engine has instantly plucked the right product they were looking for from cyberspace? In cases where the consumer has typed a specific product search and is then clearly presented with that product – probably. In the case where someone is doing a generic search because they’re not sure what they’re looking for – probably not. It’s a service that will likely be refined and improved over time using ever-expanding reams of data, used both individually and collectively. Data which will also be supplied to you, allowing for the refinement of your online marketing strategies to suit the changing behaviour of consumers. For online retailers, the key takeaway is: be prepared! Change is coming...

What can online shops do?

The way we shop online is changing. Consumers want everything at their fingertips and the Google Buy Now button offers just that. To ensure the button benefits rather than harms your business, all products should be correctly optimised with product tags, page titles, descriptions and keywords – in addition to informative on-page content. A few good quality images with optimised tags are a must. That way, Google knows if your product is what the customer is looking for - increasing the likelihood of a purchase. As this is good SEO practise in general, it should really already be in place. It’s also a good idea to enlist the help of a reliable online marketing company like MonkeyFish Marketing to ensure your online shop does everything possible to help the consumer find what they’re looking for. When it comes to online shop marketing, usability is one of the fundamental aspects of SEO - and we've got plenty of experience when it comes to meeting the needs of clients' customers! Check out our client scrapbook. If you’d like to know more about how online marketing specialists can help your business stay ahead of online marketing trends and maximise the potential of your business, give us a call on 01282 504730 or book a free website health check.

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