How to Optimise Your Online Sales

It’s all well and good getting tons of traffic to your website and dominating the top of page 1 in search engines, but if your online shop isn’t converting visitors into sales then you’ve got a problem. Something as simple as tweaking the design of your product pages or simplifying the checkout process can make a huge difference to how users interact with your website. So let’s take a look at how you can optimise your online shop to improve sales.

Menu layout

How easy is it to find the different products you offer? People don’t have the patience to scroll through endless menus so make sure your products are sorted into relevant categories / brands, and then sub-categories below these if necessary. Keeping your website navigation as clear as possible is important for reducing bounce rate.

Product page layout

The layout of your product page can have a significant impact on whether users press the golden ‘add to cart’ button. Clear images and a detailed description should be present on all product pages to leave the customer in no doubt of what they’re purchasing. If the item is currently on sale or you sell it at a lower price on than the RRP, make it obvious!  This is also applicable on product category pages.

Ease of checkout

Customers want to check out as quickly and easily as possible – and you want to help them do it! Keep it as short and sweet as possible, after all the delivery and billing info. Offering the option to create an account with a user’s details is a good way to encourage repeat business, and makes it simpler for people to create an account without going through the whole process again. Add PayPal integration to your website to make the checkout process even easier, and provide the reassurance of security to your customers.

Improve page load times

The speed of your website is essential for preventing frustrated bounces from people that got tired of waiting for pages to load. Optimise your images so they don’t inhibit your site’s speed, and use the PageSpeed Insights tool in Webmaster Tools to see how your website performs and for advice on how to improve it.

Talk to the Online Shop Optimisation Specialists

If you would like a free no obligation health check to see how your online shop performs in terms of basic SEO and usability, book a free website health check online with an MFM online shop specialist. We can provide impartial advice on how to improve your online shop conversion rate as well as some expert insights! To book your free website health check or for a no obligation chat with one of our online shop marketers please call our office today on 01282 504730.

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