HTML5, Its here, and its here for good

With ever rapidly changing demands, the Internet must evolve to meet these demands. With internet usage at an all time high, and with ever greater numbers of people browsing the web on the go from Mobile devices such as 3g enabled mobile phones and iPads, there is a greater requirement that all devices across all platforms display webpages in the same way, irrelevent of the operating system and browser used to access the web. HTML5 brings to the table new syntax. These include and tags and the addition of SVG content (Scalable Vector Graphics) HTML5 means shorter documents and less messy code, less code means lower code to content ratio , and for us in the SEO and Internet Marketing business this is a win win situation. HTML5 is easy to use, easy to get started , it already works (Firefox 4.0, Opera and Safari) are already providing almost complete HTML5 support. HTML5 is the new format, and its here to stay. Upgrading your website to HTML5 is easy! Old doctypes are a thing of the past and have now been replaced with Woop only 15 characters! Thats simple , easy to remember. There is no messing around with defining wether your document is xHTML transitional, HTML4.0 Strict or any of those. It's simple. Check out DiveintoHTML for an indepth guide to new tags and syntax abailable in HTML5.

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