Improve your CTA in four easy steps

Marketing is all about the end goal, asking your customers to complete an action such as buying, pre-ordering or signing up.


Brands use CTAs (calls to action) at the end of their content in the hope that all who relate will go on to perform that certain act, eventually increasing sales or readership etc. They are arguably the most important part of your content and can directly affect your conversion rate optimisation (CRO).


So, in this blog post, the expert team at MonkeyFish Marketing provide you with some simple steps that can help you effectively improve your websites call to actions.


Simple steps to help you improve your CTA’s


The experienced team of online marketers at MonkeyFish have put together four simple factors that can help you improve the quality of your CTA’s. Increase the number of online enquiries that your business receives by following these simple processes!


Keep your content short and sweet


The first rule of a successful CTA is to be concise and clear. This means that the customer gains a full understanding of exactly what you want them to do.


Avoid modal verbs such as could, would or should. Try to be authoritative, for example “Sign up to receive updates” will be more successful than “You can sign up to receive all the latest updates.”


Explain the benefits


Before completing a call to action, customers want to know what they will get in return. In exchange for their time, they want to be sure of the outcome. Being clear about your CTA will increase the quality of respondents.


Ensuring that you only receive replies from customers with a genuine interest in the outcome. This will not only increase efficiency, but also boost your CRO .


Placement of a CTA


The location of a CTA on a website is crucial. They must be obvious and easy to find. It is important for business owners to test these buttons or links by moving them around and noting the difference in results.


Review and update


In order to achieve desired conversion rates, businesses need to keep up to date with customer behaviour and technology. Continuous testing of CTAs can help a business to stay on top, taking what works best, and applying it to certain customer segments.


Innovative content and CTAs from MonkeyFish Marketing


At MonkeyFish Marketing we believe that a CTA should be personal, clear and enticing. Our team of copywriters and CRO specialists can support your business in creating the perfect CTA.


The MonkeyFish Marketing team can provide you with intelligently tailored online marketing services that are ensured to take your business to the next level. We have supported companies from a diverse range of industries, so regardless of the sector that you operate in, we are sure to have the answer.


To learn more about how MonkeyFish can evolve your current online marketing strategy, browse our digital marketing services today.


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Improve your CTA in four easy steps