How can your business utilise IGTV?

In the last couple of months, Instagram have rolled out their newest feature, Instagram Television, or IGTV for short. It allows users to upload and watch clips from their favourite celebrities, influencers and artists, similar to YouTube. Here at MonkeyFish, we’re always looking for new ways to help businesses reach new audiences, and we can’t wait to see where the new IGTV will take us.

How to use IGTV on Instagram

Have you seen the new button at the top right of your home screen when you log onto Instagram? It conveniently looks like a television and is next to the button for direct messaging. You will notice that its usability is very similar to Instagram Discover and allows you to search for videos or accounts as well as showing you recommended clips. Audiences are also able to save videos to continue watching later. So, how can your business make the most of IGTV? Grow your business through Instagram TV

1. What is your business trying to achieve?

Before you decide what to post on IGTV, you must first ask yourself what is your social media account trying to achieve? Are you showcasing your work as a portfolio or are you a clothing brand trying to sell the latest fashion? Providing tips regarding your industry will be helpful to those who follow you and may also bring in new users who are after some expert advice! Product demonstrations, catwalks or even a behind the scenes video could have a great response. Unlike Periscope or Facebook Live, IGTV doesn’t have to be live. It includes the ability to upload videos after they’ve been edited, so your business can include great graphics or special effects before sharing.

2. Reach a new demographic

In 2018, there are a recorded 500 million daily users on Instagram, with 25 million businesses utilising the social media platform. That may sound like a lot of competitors, but it is a sure way to get your company noticed. With more people than ever turning to their smartphone as a source of news and entertainment (50% of digital media is consumed on mobile apps), it would be foolish not to cater to an ever-growing audience base.

3. Take advantage of new features

Instagram is known for not allowing long video lengths or links across any of the social media platform, but with IGTV you can now drive traffic to your website or blog with an ability to add multiple links in your video’s description. There is also an option to open the links on a computer, even if you aren’t an Instagram user! For accounts with a larger following, you can upload an hour’s worth of content, but for those just starting out you still get a huge ten minutes to play with.

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