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Monkeyfish Marketing through their extensive hard work and dedication are physically able to assist companies in achieving high search engine rankings for their own specific market under directly related keywords and phrases, there is a lot of work that we have to implement in order to achieve these results with a number of different factors that we have to pay a lot of attention to and initiate a lot of direct focus on. When you are looking at an internet company taking over all your online advertising and website marketing it is essential that you choose the right one, as there are many unethical outfits out there who are intent on giving search engine optimisation companies a bad name. One thing that you need to carefully analyse when looking at an internet marketing company to deal with all your search engine optimisation and internet marketing is that they are capable of doing what they claim to be able to, because the simple fact is that if they cant even achieve results for their own company within their own specific industry, then when why would you put confidence in them being able to do so for your industry..??? Now don’t think for one minute that it is an easy process for an internet marketing company to achieve high ranking for their own specific keywords as it is a very competitive industry, however if you do see evidence that the company that you are going to work with can achieve rankings for such a competitive industry, then that will give you that confidence required to feel comfortable with the work that they are going to be implementing for you. Monkeyfish Marketing are an extremely ethical online marketing company who use only whitehat techniques to achieve high rankings and we have some excellent positions that we have worked extremely hard to establish. If you were to go on to the worlds leading search engine and type in either of the following phrases which are very specific to our industry you will see that Monkeyfish Marketing have managed to attain page one listings for both phrases. Firstly for the keyphrase INTERNET MARKETING COMPANY you will see that we are position two on the very first page, competing against 182,000,000 million listings. Secondly use the same process and type in WEBSITE MARKETING COMPANY you will see that we are position six on the first page out of 86,100,000 results so from this evidence alone you can see the potential that our company and our website has and what an asset we could be to your company.   

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