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How Google's new index Caffeine can be every SEO companies best friend. For those who are not totally sure how a Google search works, here is a very brief description. Google uses the keywords you type into the search bar, as its main point of reference for finding materials for you. Those keywords are what the relevancy filters work on, therefore you may not necessarily get the most up to date news articles, posts or blogs, but you will find information that matches your description, even if it is old and from the Google “archives”. But as everything else moves on at a lightening speed, our users and searchers, even the publishers expect more from us. So Google created Caffeine in an attempt to please those who search and want to see the freshest and newest results and those who publish articles and want to see them instantly. The world wide web is ever evolving and changing and when people want to find Internet Marketing news, they want it to have been posted or tweeted minutes ago not last week. So what does this Caffeine do? Caffeine is a Google search index, it means that Google has found a new way to search; Caffeine provides and offers users and publishers alike a fifty percent increase in fresh news and results, so the links to fresh content will be found faster and shown to users immediately. You can now access real time results from the World Wide Web. What will this mean for SEO I hear you say? Well Google has not changed it's algorithms, and your rankings won't necessarily change. However it does mean that content and fresh content is well and truly “king”, the fresher the content the more Google will pick it up and offer it to users. Facebook and Twitter will benefit immensely, from the new Caffeine index, the posts will regularly be picked up by Google and offered to it's readers. However those sites which have not been updated for years will suffer and their rankings could suffer. E-commerce websites are showing the best rankings, due to the constantly fresh content from new products, to new descriptions, where as the non e-commerce sites may not have good rankings as their content may be old.
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