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Brands who use Facebook as part of their internet marketing strategies may soon be able to advertise in the news feeds of users who are not fans of their page. Announcing the news on Tuesday, the social network revealed that the new feature will begin its testing process in the near future. “Starting soon, we are beginning a very small test that will allow marketers to promote page posts to people beyond their fans in the news feed,” said Facebook spokeswoman Annie Ta. “These ads may appear on both desktop and mobile.” The promoted content will look like a regular post in the users news feed, however it will be marked as 'sponsored'. The user will then see an option to 'like' that company's page in the top right hand corner of the post. Making it easier for brands to reach more users, it will create an even stronger platform for social advertising and is sure to make Facebook some big bucks from some of the biggest brands out there. Facebook advertising has proven popular with business' large and small due to its ability to precisely target users based on the demographics provided by their Facebook profiles. Differing from other pay per click methods, it allows advertisers to determine who see's their advert by setting a range of requirements, for example age, location - even interests. With the ability to pinpoint specific demographics, it allows a more flexible approach towards online advertising and for company's who use social media as part of their internet marketing strategy - it is a fantastic way to boost 'likes' and drive traffic to their websites. MonkeyFish Marketing are a clever internet marketing company who can help with all your social media needs. Find out more about the services we offer by using the buttons below to contact us and we'll be in touch as soon as we possibly can.

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