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Google is set to bring its powerful internet marketing tool, Google Analytics to mobile apps. The platform that will be be suited to both Android and iOS-based applications will allow developers to gain a greater insight into the performance of their apps. With greater visibility into who is using apps, how they're using them and whether or not that usage is leading to sales generation, they will allow developers to not only analyse the performance of their own ventures, but to report back to clients who they have developed applications for. While the data is already out there, it is not currently all in one place, "You can get information in different places, but you can't engage from it and make a determination from it" says product manager of the Google Analytics Team, JiaJing Wang and with mobile app spends increasing, it is important to be able to gather coherent data from a reliable resource. As Google tops its role as information provider, it is interesting to note that as well as providing analytic data for Android products, it will also provide analytics for iOS applications, in theory, helping Apples app makers just as much as Android development teams. With the possibility that Google may make their Analytics so crucial for app performance data that developers cannot live without it, the new platform could be a great little money-maker for the search engine giants in the future, but with no existing plans to charge for the service, we'll have to wait and see what Google has in store. For the latest internet marketing news, make sure you don't miss out on our daily news posts from the MonkeyFish Marketing team. With plenty of developments to report on, add us to your RSS feed and keep up to date with all the latest from the UK's highest ranking internet marketing company.

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