Internet Marketing News: Google Goes Olympic

Celebrate the Olympics with our internet marketing team

Following on from yesterday's post about the Olympics, we our proud to announce that our internet marketing team have made the final of 'fastest fingers first', an event that requires a lot of strength, dedication and determination... No we haven't gone crazy, the team have been competing on Google's rather clever Olympic inspired Doodle! For those of you who haven't seen it yet - head over to the Google home page for a rather addictive game that allows you to compete as an Olympic hurdler! To play, simply press the 'play' button that appears in place of the 'o' and use your keyboard to control your athlete. Hitting the left and right arrow keys will set your athlete off and build up speed, and hitting the spacebar (or upwards arrow key) will allow you to jump those hurdles - but watch out! You'll need to time your jumps perfectly or you'll end up hitting those hurdles, loosing speed and for-fitting that personal best! Once you've finished - check out your time, share it with your friends and let the competition really begin! With a bit of friendly banter a lot of finger clicking, our team have managed a top speed of 6.7 seconds with the most dismal attempt coming in at a lengthy 27.8 seconds (oops!). Hats off to the Google Doodle team - our internet marketing team agree that this is almost as addictive as the Moog! Brilliant! To find out more about working with internet marketing experts, MonkeyFish Marketing - why not use the buttons below to contact us? With first place listings and a dedicated team worthy of an Olympic gold - let us boost your online presence and leave your competition standing on the starting block!

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