Internet Marketing Resolutions for the New Year

Make your New Year one to remember with a clever new Internet marketing strategy

Internet Marketing resolutions for 2012 A clever Internet marketing strategy is crucial for any business looking to create a successful presence online, and what better time to start a strategic campaign than the New Year? The perfect opportunity to start afresh and put a plan into action, the New Year is a great time to really make a difference to your online presence. But what does ‘internet marketing’ involve? Internet marketing covers a wide spectrum of web related strategies, some of which we’ve listed below. Consider these steps when creating an action plan for your Internet marketing strategy this New Year. Web Design Step back and take a look at your website. Now is the perfect time to inject a fresh new look to your site so start as you mean to go on. Look at your website objectively from a customer’s point of view. Is your website easy to use? Does it provide all the information they need? Does it represent your business to its full potential? Is it interesting and eye-catching? If not, think about ways you could improve it, look at the websites of your competitors and work a new design into your brand new Internet marketing strategy. Content What is your website like content wise? Is the copy well written? Is it up to date? Does it hold the attention of the reader? One of the most important aspects of your website, the content should tell your customers exactly what they need to know about you, your business, your products and your services. Delivering a clear and concise message about what you offer ensures that your content is read, remembered and recalled for future use. SEO Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is crucial when it comes to getting noticed online. Make sure your new Internet marketing strategy includes optimising your content for major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Working with a range of targeted keywords, create an SEO strategy that focuses on achieving great keyword density and strong meta data. This will be read by search engine robots to determine whether your content is of use to web users, increasing web traffic and ultimately improving your rankings. E-Commerce If your business sells a product or service, consider creating an online shop this New Year. With 12% of all retails sales in the UK made online, it is definitely worth considering integrating an e-commerce facility into your website and Internet marketing strategy. Giving you the opportunity to reach billions of web users across the globe, it is a fantastic way to increase the spread of your business and customer base. Social Media Social media is well and truly here to stay. If you’re not on board already – make sure you sign up to the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Google+ immediately. Interacting with your customers on a more sociable level is great for building relationships, encouraging users to share your website, products and services and building an online community where people can share their reviews and experiences of your business. A fantastic place to host online competitions and promotions, working a social media campaign into your Internet marketing strategy can work wonders for your online presence and increase brand awareness dramatically. Videos Videos are a great way to introduce a burst of real life to your website or social media page. From customer testimonials to quirky viral advertising campaigns, videos are now receiving a lot more attention from the major search engines. A quick, easy and viable way to give your content a boost, videos provide an interesting and powerful way to deliver offers, promotions and information about your business to customers in a short space of time. Make this New Year a memorable year for your business by implementing a clever new Internet marketing strategy and remember... MonkeyFish Marketing are here to help! Recommended Services:


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