Why Your Website Structure is Important for Your Internet Marketing Strategy

Give your New Year Internet Marketing Strategy the Best Start Possible

When it comes to clever Internet marketing strategies, there is plenty to consider. From written content designed for search engine optimisation to the first impression your website gives through its design, but many people overlook a key factor in developing a successful website - it's structure. Creating a structured site that is easy for search engine spiders to crawl through is an important part of any Internet marketing strategy and there are severals measures that can be taken to make sure it is as easy to read as possible. When it comes to analysing your sites URL's, Google and many other search engines read from left to right. Meaning they start at your domain name, and work their way across your page URL, through specified folders to your page title. In order to create a well structured site optimised for SEO, it is good practice to use only relevant folders, named after your target keywords. Having too many folders can dilute the importance of content towards the end of your URL. A simple measure to take, it can aid in your quest for a well-structured website. Another great way to structure your site is through your sitemap. Your sitemap simply lists all the pages that can be found on your website. An important measure for clever SEO, it makes it much easier for search engines to find the pages they are looking for. Making your pages easier and quicker to find is a great way to improve the structure of your website and can really benefit your Internet marketing campaign. When it comes to the design of your page, it is important to use a professional web designer who is experienced in website design. Not only will this minimise the amount of cross-browser problems you will encounter, it will also mean you get the best design possible. Employing a professional web designer to look after your site is a great way to ensure that your site not only looks good but that the coding reads well. Clean and validated code (the parts of your website you can't see but make up the structure) make it easier for robots to read and is the perfect way to structure your site from the word 'go'. Addressing the structure of your website can work wonders for your Internet marketing strategy. Not only can it make an improvement to those all important search engine rankings but it also means your site is in good order for the future with a neater, cleaner and easier to maintain structure.
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