Internet Marketing Strategies Should Include Video

Are your internet marketing strategies making the most of video?

A recent study by the Internet Advertising Bureau UK found that online advertising spends came in at a staggering £4.8billion last year. The largest increase in five years, the rise was attributed to smartphone ownership and phenomenal tablet sales. With businesses able to reach consumers through their mobile gadgets, online advertising has now become a huge part of many business' internet marketing stategies, with company owners looking for a way to capitalise on the growth of the mobile internet. Accounting for 10% of all online advertising, video adverts saw a huge increase during 2011, with spending on videos doubling to £109million from just £54million the year before. With video expenditure rising from £12million in 2008 to a whopping £109million in 2011, the popularity of video content and the benefits for companies investing in it is outstanding. Capturing your audience visually is a great way to deliver messages about your brand, services or products. Holding your customers attention for a longer period of time than purely written content, it is ideal for retaining traffic on your website, initiating external campaigns and is a fantastic way to advertise your goods to the world. Companies from across the globe are using video content as a crucial part of their internet marketing strategies and so should you. MonkeyFish Marketing have a professional video production team dedicated to producing online adverts, sales videos, video tiles, video blogs and video testimonials for your website or online advertising campaign. From writing the script to finding the actors, editing the shots to producing the finished masterpiece, we can help make your video venture an outstanding success. With major businesses investing millions in video advertising, make sure your company doesn't get left behind. Contact us using the buttons below to discuss how video marketing can benefit your internet marketing strategies and online advertising campaigns.

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