Internet Marketing Tips

Hi there! Well, thinking about Internet Marketing and how complex it can be… here at MonkeyFish we decided to help you all out by creating a Do’s and Don’ts list to help you “get it right” ! Do

  • Keep you domain name as short as possible.
  • Make you domain as memorable as possible, this helps with readers so it’s easy for them to view again.
  • Keep your website user friendly.
  • Make your reader’s come back for more.
  • Your readers don’t want fancy, complex websites, they want you to sell your product to them, be subtle yet persuading and practical!
  • News, blogs, social media groups, is a great way to interact and socialise with your potential customer’s.
  • Optimise your website, use keywords, Meta tags, content rich with keywords, clever internet marketing companies can help.

Negative Internet Marketing Tips

Don’ts × Violate the search engines by using “black hat” techniques such as “cloaking” or “keyword stuffing”; you can have serious consequences when doing this as your website may end up being banned! × Advertise or announce that you have a new website before you have finished. × Have a half functioning website with links that go nowhere or pages that are not yet created, people × Try not to use a pre-registration, people will be put off and will not come back! × Discretion and courtesy when doing blogs and social media platforms is key, be cheerful and get    to the point without using too many quotes. × Believe the old saying “any news is good news” it is not! Bad news travels at lightning speed on the Internet and one bad review can shut down your website and ruin your company reputation!

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