Internet Marketing Tips: 5 Back to School Social Media Rules

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With the new school term starting and thousands of students due to start university, our internet marketing team take a look at some social media rules that students might want to take notice of this term!

1. Be careful what you post

Although you think you might know how social media works and how to avoid everybody out there seeing what you've been up to over the summer holidays - if you wouldn't be happy with your parents or teachers seeing it, don't post it! The last thing you want in the middle of a lecture is your brand new tutor commenting on the picture of you stashed away in a wheelie bin just because you thought it was funny. Be warned! You never know who's watching!

2. Don't jump on the bandwagon

Just because everyone's posting nasty comments about the new kid, it doesn't mean you have join in. One of the most serious problems in schools today, bullying (including cyber-bullying) is taken extremely seriously and can lead to expulsion and even criminal prosecution. Again - refer back to point 1: If you wouldn't be happy with your parents or teachers seeing it, don't post it. Remember those morals and keep your nose out of trouble.

3. And that goes for teachers too...

Students, don't speak badly of your teachers no matter how bald they are, how high they wear their pants, etc and vice versa. Teachers, don't write anything malicious about your pupils no matter how much of a smart arse they can be, you never know who's friend of a friend is their mother/father!

4. Keep it confidential

Under no circumstances should you post confidential information on your social media profiles. You might be impressed with that wad of cash that just came through from student loans and want to show it off with a quick snap, but just think before you do it! Chances are your account details, name, address, etc are on that bank statement, leaving you wide open to identity theft.

5. Stay professional

If you're a uni student looking for work experience positions or have just graduated and are hoping to make contacts in the industry, keep in mind that a public profile is PUBLIC. Think about how prospective employers may come across your social media profiles and keep them as professional as you can. We're not saying your profile picture should be a family portrait of you in a suit, but a picture of you brandishing that toy gun might cost you the job and a police investigation. To find out more about about working with a clever marketing agency, MonkeyFish Marketing, please contact us using the buttons below and we'll respond to your questions as soon as we possibly can.

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