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  Email marketing is a great way to deliver special offers or company news to thousands of customers at once. The perfect place to promote your products and with easy access to emails on the go, they are a fantastic marketing tool that can help to push traffic towards your website. As a clever internet marketing company, we share our top tips to help you avoid some common email marketing mistakes. 1. Sending one big image So your design and marketing team have created a fantastic looking promotional flyer that you'd love to email out. You've got the image ready, it looks great on screen and you're about to press 'send' but wait! Spam filters monitor the image to text ratio of all emails and seen as spammers often use large images to work their way around content filters, the chances are you'll end up in the junk email box. If you do press send and are lucky enough to land in a customers inbox, 65% of business email servers block images by default, so while the image might look great to you, your recipient is going to see a whole lot of nothing. If you need to send images via email, use as many background colours as you can to mark of areas within the design. Only use images where necessary and don't forget to add a good amount of text in there! 2. Over-complicating your design When it comes to designing emails, you've got to think like it's 1999. Unfortunately most email clients are useless when it comes to styling and popular mail programmes such as Outlook 2007 and 2010 don't even support basic CSS like alignment or background images! Embedded stylesheets are also a no-no as they are generally ignored by many mail servers, so you'll have to revert to a good bit of old-school coding using tables rather than divs! 3. Test, test and test again One of the biggest mistakes is not checking your work! You've just sent your email campaign out to 50,000 recipients and wait... you've just noticed the link to your website is wrong and you're actually directing your valued customers to a wholesale chicken supplier in China! Eeek! Before sending, check for the obvious, spelling and grammar checks are a must! Once you're happy that your content is correct and your spelling and grammar are top notch, carry out a check on all your hyperlinks to make sure they're all in working order too. Email marketing, when done correctly is a fantastic internet marketing tool - avoid these mistakes and hopefully you'll see some great responses from customers! However, if you don't want to go it alone, contact us using the buttons below. We offer email marketing services to all of our clients and with top delivery rates, you're sure to stand out online!

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