5 Internet Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in the New Year

Internet Marketing trends to start your New Year with a bang!

With 2012 just around the corner, we take a look at 5 Internet Marketing trends you’ll want to keep on top of this New Year. 1 – The Right Place at the Right Time Location matters and when it comes to initiating your clever Internet Marketing strategy online, letting your customers know where you are or allowing them to check in at your location is a great way to promote your brand to people in your social networks. Websites such as Facebook and Foursquare allow you to use your location to ‘check-in’ and allow you to check others in with you. If you’re out to lunch with a client why not check both of you in on Facebook? Not only will you look truly sociable and give your brand image a boost but you’ll also promote your clients business to your friends, family, colleagues and followers. Try naming your location as your web URL or running check-in based competitions for a clever Internet Marketing twist. 2 – Let Your Personality Shine The days of delivering impersonal sales pitches are over. Adding a personal touch to your Internet Marketing campaign is the way forward and combined with clever use of social media sites, is a great way to build a strong relationship with your clients. Treat your clients as friends and speak to them in a warm and welcoming manner. Offering customers your friendship is a great way of gaining their trust, letting them get to know you as a brand and allowing them to build their own connection with you. Incorporate this into your Internet Marketing strategy by creating clever written content for your website and combine with trend number 3. 3 – Get Social As mentioned in trend number 2 above, making your business more personable is key for successful Internet Marketing in 2012. While we've all heard of Facebook and Twitter, there is a constant barrage of new social media sites popping up all over the place. With the introduction of Google+, Google+ for business and now the proposal of a Facebook-style page for businesses on Twitter, keeping on top of the latest places to hang out with your customers is crucial. Design part of your Internet Marketing campaign around the concept of ‘sharing’, create a viral video, an exciting competition or a series of discounts for loyal followers. Encourage people to share your brand with others and reward them for doing so. 4 – Size Matters With so many mobile devices out there – size really does matter. Your website needs to work across a range of browsers and across a range of different sizes. Why not make a New Year’s resolution? Test your site on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets and make it your mission to create an Internet Marketing strategy that includes a website or mobile theme that works across the board and is on top of the latest technological trends. 5 – Give Your Emails a Makeover The way you communicate with your clients is a major part of any successful Internet Marketing campaign and what better place to start building a fantastic relationship with your clients than via email. More often than not the first means of communication between you and your customers, emails can be a powerful Internet Marketing tool. They are ideal for sending out personalised newsletters to your contacts, introducing new products, keeping your customers up-to-date with special offers and giving them a sneak peek into your business. Try adding a customer testimonial or a banner advertising a new product to your email signature and use your email as an extension of your website. Are you ready? 2012 looks set to be an exciting year for Internet Marketing - with so many businesses looking to increase their online presence, staying on top of the latest trends is crucial. Keep our 5 steps in mind when the clock strikes 12 and make this the year your Internet Marketing strategy really makes a difference.
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