Introducing Mr MonkeyFish! The Latest Addition to the Team

The team at MonkeyFish are no strangers to change. Change is what keeps us on our toes and up to date with the most effective internet marketing techniques. Google’s algorithm is forever evolving which means we must evolve our online marketing strategies in line with Google updates. Our latest proposed change is not for Google but is a big change none the less. This latest change has got the team undivided and we want you to help us come to a decision.

Mr MonkeyFish – New Logo, Same Quality Service

The current MonkeyFish logo has been with us since day one but the time has come for us to evaluate if we should replace this with a more quirky design that better reflects our ability to think outside of the box. When people see MonkeyFish, the logo is what stands out the most and becomes the trademark of our company so it’s only fitting that we choose a design that is instantly recognisable as the MonkeyFish Marketing emblem. old logoOur creative team, led by Laura, our Senior Graphic Designer came up with the new logo design by doing what we do best, sharing ideas, brainstorming and generally combining our knowledge and creative flair. The result, we think you’ll find, is unconventional, amusing and instantly recognisable as MonkeyFish. As pleased as we are with the results and how Laura has successfully managed to create an image that has character and correctly conveys our approachable nature, we still can’t come to a decision as to whether we should take the plunge and invite change or stick to our original, yet somewhat dated logo. This is where you come in!

Help the Team Decide – Your Thoughts Count

We’d love to hear your thoughts. Do you think we should replace our logo with this pleasant and smiling marsupial or should we play it safe and keep the one we already have? Either way, whether we promote Mr MonkeyFish to logo status or we keep our trusted old logo, we’ll be keeping him around.

Want to Find Out More?

Inspired to find out more about how MFM can boost your business through cleverly executed bespoke online marketing techniques? Contact the team direct on 01282 504730 today. Our friendly team of experts are happy to provide any additional information you require and we’re so confident we will impress we welcome you to test our internet marketing knowledge.  
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