iPAD Vs Kindle 3
After reading the recent article about the Kindle 3 being compared to the iPad and watching the new Kindle pool ad, I really felt as though I needed to point out a few things that I personally had noticed in the technical battle between these two electronic notepads. First of all obviously the Kindle is roughly a quarter of the price of the iPad granted, but it’s also around a quarter of the size. In fact it would probably be fairer to compare it to the iPhone with the size of the miniature screen which, just to further find fault has a tiny keypad at the bottom which would look more at home on a Blackberry phone instead of the almost full keyboard sized touch screen option provided with the iPad. Secondly it isn’t even colour.... what year is it? Is it a state of the art piece of technically advanced equipment or is it something based on a 1990 word processor? In fact the only benefit of the Kindle to me seems to be that it’s cheaper (for very obvious reasons) and the fact that you can see it in the sun which to be honest will probably benefit you 3 days a year in the UK when its actually sunny, and maybe once or twice on your holidays! Overall the difference to me seems to be whether I want to pay $139 for a 28” black and white portable TV (which I can see in the sun) or do I pay a bit more and hang a 42” ‘colour’ Plasma on my wall?? I’ll let you decide but I know what I’m going to do!! Mick, MonkeyFish
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