Kickstart Your Railway Career with PTS Training with Renown

Kickstart Your Railway Career with PTS Training

Has it ever crossed your mind to work within the rail infrastructure? There are a huge range of opportunities to expand your career in the railway industry including welding, engineering and gaining extra qualifications which allow you to undertake more responsibility and enhance your employability.

PTS Training is the Minimum Requirement for Rail Access

PTS (Personal Track Safety) training is the first and foremost qualification you need to gain access to the rail infrastructure. To be eligible for PTS training, you must be sponsored by an approved link-up company as recognised by Network Rail. Once you’ve attained liecestera link-up sponsor, they must sign our booking form and supply their link up number to show their support and consent of sponsoring you. Please be aware that, when making your booking, you will be required to show the original blue certificates from your level 4 alcohol and drug medical screening. PTS training covers all the basic requirements necessary to work near the track. Other courses and training will be required if your intended career will involve operating line related equipment or affecting the geometry of the track. Topics covered in PTS training include railway terminology, how to react in emergency situations and accessing the infrastructure safely. At the end of the course, delegates will be able to demonstrate that they can follow a Safe System of Work and have a good understanding of all the practices involved. PTS training runs over 2 days and upon completion delegates will be eligible to receive a PTS card which must be carried at all times when on or near the lines or rail infrastructure.

Choose Renown Training for Railway Training Courses

So if you’re interesting in starting a career in the rail industry, choose Renown Training for PTS training and a wide range of other rail courses to get yourself qualified. Our professional trainers ensure that training is delivered in a friendly manner to keep delegates interested and ensure maximum absorption of information. If you’d like to know more about our railway safety and training courses please don’t hesitate to contact us.
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