How to know if your links are good or bad?

It’s important to understand which links have a positive impact on Google rankings and which links can hold your business back online. An effective linking strategy is essential if you’re looking to secure page one rankings.

Good links vs. bad links

The best kinds of links are those earned naturally, links that have taken a fair amount of time and effort to secure. They are incredibly valuable and are hard for your competitors to replicate on their sites. Google’s recent algorithm changes have made it harder to include the perfect keyword links in your content. Gone are the days of precisely matching your text with the phrase you’d like to rank for. Google now rewards content that is engaging and user-friendly, with links that take users to relevant internal pages, rather than just the homepage or contact page. Bad links are easy to generate in large numbers but they won’t have the positive impact on search engine rankings that you’re hoping for. Writing and creating these links is a waste of your time and effort and could result in your business falling further down the Google pages. MonkeyFish is an internet marketing company that can help your business to thrive online. Our specialists offer a range of expert services, including lead management, website development and search engine optimisation. We work closely with each client to understand their specific situation and target audience, creating a bespoke and ethical marketing strategy. State-of-the-art tracking software allows our experts to monitor and adapt the strategy as necessary, giving your business the best possible chance of reaching page one on Google.

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