Defining And Explaining Social Media : part 1

A step by step guide: As a clever Internet Marketing company, we at MonkeyFishMarketing understand giving clients the basic knowledge to suceed in social media is complex and more than a touch difficult, so here is a step by step guide of hints and tips to simplify social media. There is no correct definition of “social media”, there have been many attempts to create a definitive definition but the wide all inclusive method of name dropping Twitter, Facebook and You tube, still remains the most popular way to explain social media to clients.

However other attempts such as; “electronic tools, technologies and platforms” or “web-based and mobile technologies” and many more, however if you take a step by step approach your clients can understand and embrace social media with open arms.

There are a number of essential things you can do for your client to allow them to enter and prosper within the social media world.

  • Customer focus is key, it doesn't matter what industry you are in, and when there is a problem customers need a fast reaction. “comcast” use Twitter to give immediate reassurance and gratification to their customers, while dealing with their claims and complaints; this instant communication and assurance has been proven to give customers a feeling of security that when things go wrong they can have someone address them and their personal situation immediately.
  • Brand loyalty can be gained in many ways, but reaching out to the largest number of people is always the best way to get recognised, skittle use Facebook and other companies use similar social platforms to gain “likes” or “followers” and through this people become drawn towards your brand and brand loyalty increases.
  • Using blogs and tweets rather than a news release is a brilliant way to not only gain leads, but to also reach the largest audience possible about your company and your products/services.
  • Any existing content can be re-written and configured to create the optimum foundations for social media publicising and creating a large group of people who know who your company is and what you can offer them.
  • Managing your reputation and your client's reputation is vital, your online reputation is tremendously influential when it comes to people using your company.

Using online profiles to create a good reputation such as; wikipedia. These are useful in creating a reputation that will impress, rather than putting people off, bad content can be “buried” with skill and you can create a good online profile so when your name is typed into Google or another search engine nothing cringe-worthy will appear. Part 2, will be here tomorrow, focusing on crisis communications, holding contests, crowd sourcing, crowd leadership, free advertising opportunities, showcasing your wares and also recruiting employees through social media.

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