Defining And Explaining Social Media : Part 2

MonkeyFishMarketing the clever Internet Marketing company brings you the second part of their comprehensive guide to explaining and defining social media to clients and how it can help you prosper to success. A step by step guide: Today I am going to go through a few more helpful hints and tips for explaining social media and what to do for your client or yourself to improve your popularity and ranking in the social media networks.

  • Crisis communications are a very important factor for many companies, if something goes wrong, blog or tweet to your customers and reassure them that you know what has happened and yes, you are doing something about it!
  • Holding contests gets you noticed and it also creates a wider target audience, everybody loves a contest! Everybody loves a prize!
  • Using your employees and staff to write about your day to day business challenges is more likely to provide a higher level of work than a complete stranger. Your employees are well versed in the everyday workings of your business and will be more passionate about their subject.
  • Write content and blogs/tweets about things that interest you. Ask questions and don't follow the crowd. Social media is designed for you to express your own thoughts and opinions and so make the most of it... becoming a leader with unique blogs will help your popularity greatly.
  • FREE. One of our favourite words, very rare we find anything free. Look for any free advertising opportunities as you can save time and money by using these opportunities and quite frankly who wants to pay loads of money when you can get it for free?
  • Social media sites can be used to show off your services or products such as Facebook shops. You can advertise your products to a larger audience and create a large fan base of loyal customers.Social media platforms are a great way to become noticed by stakeholders and potential stakeholders, make the most of every resource offered to you.

Most social media sites are free to use and can allow your clients to do a lot of customer communications themselves, which you can explain that a personal touch and communication from a business to a client can really impress them, while creating brand loyalty. Don't forget to indicate the importance of blogging and how they can generate links by creating relevant blog posts. Finally social media uses videos, so rather than just showing a video, explain how the public will realise brand identity through their videos.

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