Enhance Your Online Marketing Strategy With Facebook Competitions.

Chances are you’re already utilising Facebook in your online marketing strategy, but are you keeping it fresh? The growing trend for hosting Facebook competitions has seen many companies’ Facebook marketing strategies go from strength to strength, because at the end of the day, who doesn’t love a freebie? So scroll down and follow our essential tips for making the most out of Facebook competitions and consquently, your Facebook marketing strategy.

Have a strategy in place. Planning a strategy and clear goals is the cornerstone of any online marketing campaign, and Facebook competitions are no different. Note down what kind of person would want to enter the competition, how you will run it, how you will promote it and, most importantly, what value it will have to your company.

Give away something relevant. It’s no use giving away a free blow dry if you’re a holiday company, even though the two might be loosely related. Try something like a free break at your resort or a luxury hamper of wine and chocolate to back up your branding and avoid baffling entrants.

Promote, promote, promote! The odds are you’re already utilising different social media platforms in your online marketing campaign, and now is the chance to make the most of them! Promote your competition on the relevant channels or get the word around Facebook through Facebook ads and promoted posts.

Keep the engagement alive. A Facebook competition might be enough to raise enthusiasm for your Facebook marketing campaign, but it won’t be able to keep it up on its own. Keep engagement flowing by encouraging more people to enter, by offering advice on how they can join, reminding them why your prize is so great and by posting related content. For example, if you’re giving away a spa break then spend the run up to the prize draw giving out handy home spa tips!

Respond to comments. It's a truth universally acknowledged that social media is full of both lovers and haters. So whether you 've received a comment telling you how fantastic someone thinks your prize is or one telling you that they wouldn’t enter in a thousand years, show you care by enquiring about how your company has upset them and how you could make their experience better.

Follow Facebook’s new rules. That’s right, the days of the quick and easy ‘like’ and ‘share’ competition are over. Instead, Facebook competitions must now be run via a third party landing page, blog or website such as Wildfire. However, this in turn could actually be a positive thing for you online marketing campaign, serving to introduce your Facebook page and company to a wider stretch of the internet.

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