How can MonkeyFish help your business?

MonkeyFish is made up of three incredible teams who work together to deliver the best possible results to all our clients. Marketing, Development and Design are all integral parts of ensuring that your business thrives in the online world. We are happy to work with companies big or small from around the world.

MonkeyFish Marketing

Smylies is one of the UK’s leading sellers of British goods, exporting to retailers and wholesalers across the world. MonkeyFish Marketing has worked alongside the Smylies team, from creating a bespoke theme for their website to creating content for their blog posts.

Since Smylies joined the MonkeyFish family, the goal completion success rate of Smylies has grown to 50%, as well as a 42% increase in page views.


The world of marketing is constantly renewing itself, and the MonkeyFish team make sure to keep up with the latest patterns in analytics, SEO and CRO so that all our clients thrive. Browse the successful online marketing strategies that MonkeyFish are working on.

MonkeyFish Development

MonkeyFish has clients all over the world, including East Africa, with Natural World Kenya Safaris. This client offers a great range of excursions and safari packages in Kenya and Zanzibar, but their original website was outdated and unclear.

Development is crucial in building any brand, and Natural World wanted help to reflect the quality of their packages in their website. MonkeyFish Development team were happy to help create a site that felt clean, modern and stylish. With the support from design and marketing, we were able to help Natural World increase their organic traffic by 50%, with a 30% growth in online bookings.


There are many aspects to the development process in any business from building web pages, to website security. MonkeyFish have even created their own software, Evolv, so they can provide the best level of support. Take a look at some more of our web development work.

MonkeyFish Design

From logo and branding to print design, the MonkeyFish Design team are responsible for many of our projects. The Sale Network is a relatively new client with MonkeyFish, and their site brings together sale items from top designers at a discounted price.

Our design team designed and built the online store, which has millions of products and images that needed to be worked around without rebuilding the entire system. Since then, The Sale Network’s paid search visits have increased by a huge 201%, and the number of individual visitors has grown by 74%.


MonkeyFish Design are tasked with creating images, websites, advertising products and more, all synonymous with the quality expected from the brands they work alongside. See for yourself some of the campaigns that the design team have worked on.

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If you are interested in how MonkeyFish can help your business, whether it be from our marketing, development or design teams, then please get in touch with us today. You can call us on 01282 504730 or contact us online and we will get back to you.

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