How to Use Your Data to Create Effective Online Marketing Campaigns

The world of online marketing is full of data. From landing page hits to bounce rates to total monthly sales, the sheer number of figures to read and understand can be daunting, as can knowing which to make your top priority. The answer depends on the long-term goal of your online marketing strategy. Naturally all businesses want to increase sales but if your website has a high bounce rate, rather than focusing on SEOing your product descriptions, do some work on your landing pages instead to make sure the people finding them are actually interested in your business.

Breaking Down the Data

Here’s a guide to the data to focus on:

  • Bounce rate/avg. time on page – making sure the right people are landing on your website
  • Pages per session – this can show two things: people are exploring your website in detail, or they can’t find what they’re looking for. Avoid the latter with well laid out CTAs and clear navigation
  • Top landing pages – see how you can utilise these pages to push customers to other products or your contact page
  • Best-selling products – make sure they’re easy to find and link to other related products to persuade people to buy more
  • Top converting pages – identify how these pages meet users’ needs and roll it out site-wide if applicable

Breaking data down into sizeable chunks and knowing the action to take after understanding your website data is essential for making a mammoth task into smaller more achievable goals.

Challenge the internet marketing experts

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