The importance of creating a website for your small business

It’s no surprise that creating a successful business is going to take a lot of patience and an equal amount of hard work; however there are some foundations that can be put in place to make the journey to building your empire much easier.

Creating a website for your business is one step that can help convey your brand onto the online platform, and if your small business currently is without a website then it should certainly be on the top of your to do list!

But why is having a website so pivotal in taking your business to the next level? Well in our latest blog post, the online marketing specialists at MonkeyFish Marketing take a look at just why having an effective website is so crucial.

You are missing out on business!

The world is changing, and now more than ever your customers are using the online platform to shop for the products that they desire. The amount of shoppers who are online at any given time is a monumental amount, so by not having a website and being unable to tap into this market means that ultimately your company could suffer as a result.

Many people who run small businesses don’t create a professional website because they feel it will cost too much, when in reality having a website is much more cost-effective than not having one.

It’s an opportunity to showcase your brand

Everyone knows that first impressions go a long way, and the same can be said regarding the online world. Having a well-designed, informative and user-friendly website can portray your business to be more professional, and therefore meaning those who land on your site will be more inclined to use your services.

Whereas on the other hand, however, having a poorly built website or no website at all will harm the chances of gaining prospective customers.

Unrivalled accessibility

A website has no opening times, so having a website means that your products and services can be viewed 24/7. A website gives your customers the ability to effortlessly browse your store at any time they choose, which can subsequently have a positive impact on generating sales or enquiries.

The convenience of having a website is a win-win situation for both yourself and your customers.

MonkeyFish can design, build and market your website!

At MonkeyFish Marketing we have an array of skills that can help evolve your business. Whether your website needs touching up, completely re-launched or is non-existent, our online marketing experts can help you make your website reflect your brand and generate business.

To speak to a dedicated member of the MonkeyFish team to see how we can help you begin your online journey, give us a call today on 01282 504730 .

Or if you can’t speak to us over the phone at the moment, you can also get in touch with us by answering a few quick questions and contacting us online.

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