Facebook Improve Their Online Marketing Potential With Promoted Posts

Facebook isn’t one to take a break from thinking up new innovations that'll keep us online marketing experts and our clients occupied, and their newest offering is no exception.

If your page has reached the 400 follower benchmark, you may have noticed the nifty little ‘Promote Post’ button that has begun appearing at the bottom of updates. Admittedly, this new feature does require you to invest a few of your hard earned pounds, but the potential benefits far outweigh the small cost and can be seriously beneficial for your business. For three days the update you have chosen to promote will take prominence in your followers’ news feeds, and won’t appear in the right hand sidebar along with the numerous adverts that users can sometimes mistake as spam. Although possessing a relatively short lifespan, post promotion is a fantastic tool for widening your customer reach and reminding followers how new and exciting you are, a staple part of a successful online marketing campaign. You will also get the benefit of basic ‘reach’ analytics to see how your post is being received, as well as the option to tweak it if it isn’t doing as well as you’d hoped. And don’t forget this clever little feature’s targeting potential – with promoted posts you only need address the geographical areas that would most benefit your business. Although promoted posts do herald something of a new day for social media marketing, you must still bear in mind the fact that users only want to see engaging content that they can share with their friends. Are you holding a competition? Take some time to formulate a nice, snappy status update that you can promote to your followers and prevent the original post from getting lost amongst your others. Then there is the potential to promote your newest products or services, your amazing offers or even a Facebook poll (because everyone loves a quiz)! Even something as simple as a picture of your Olympic themed office party will get followers sharing and smiling, because at the end of the day, like them, you’re only human!

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