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Travelers in the UK will now be able to find not only directions to destinations using Google Maps, but directions to places they're looking for once inside a number of locations. The new feature, available at some destinations in America since last year, is set to launch in the UK - a fantastic development in Google's internet marketing strategy and one that is set to provide a 'can't live without tool' for many internet users. Its indoor maps will be available for Android devices and will appear on the Google Maps app once a particular location has been zoomed in to, making their platform even more accessible and informative than in previous years. Once zoomed into a location, you are then able to search a floor plan to find exactly what you are looking for. Zoom in on a train station and you may see an indoor map directing you to the toilets or to Starbucks! To find the shoe department of a major department store, use the maps functionality to point you in the right direction. With the ability to point out different floors at the same location, you won't waste one more minute wandering aimlessly around the shops on a busy weekend outing. With more than 40 locations in the UK currently showing their floor plans, Google's indoor maps look like they will soon catch on. From the National History Museum to Harrods, major UK locations are jumping on board and with the option of uploading your own floor plan to be included in future releases, your business can get in on the act too! While listing your business with Google is a great way to compliment your internet marketing efforts, submitting your floor plan will ensure that customers can find you - wherever it is you may be! Whether you're in the middle of a shopping centre or on the top floor of an office building, Google indoor maps could be revolutionary for your business!

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