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Are you new to the daunting world of online marketing? Well never fear, Monkeyfish Marketing are here! We’ve rounded up seven vital tips for developing an effective online marketing strategy that will not only attract potential clients to your growing website, but greatly enhance your branding. 1. Plan your web promotion and web design strategies. Every business – even Coca Cola and McDonalds – have had to learn to crawl before they could walk. Start with something as simple as a basic web promotion plan to get the ball rolling: what angle would you like your online marketing campaign to take? Will you utilise social media marketing? And how would you like your brand to be perceived? And don’t forget to employ this ethos in your web design strategy – consumers rarely want to deal with a company who doesn't have a clear identity and aesthetically pleasing, informative website.

2. Fine tune your search engine optimisation techniques. Getting high rankings from major search engines is going to do wonders for your company’s street cred, but isn’t going to happen if you don’t have a good grasp of the life blood of online marketing - search engine optimisation techniques. Once your website is looking much easier on the eye then it’s time to help your audience find it. Size up what your competition are doing and fine tune the techniques until they suit your niche, employing copy that includes plenty of relevant keywords along the way.

3. Learn how to use email marketing to its full potential. Email marketing might be one of the more overlooked factors in an impressive online marketing strategy, but it is essential to building stronger relationships with your clients and reaching out to brand new ones. With the right software, you can even target your messages to certain audiences, certain locations and even tailor and test your campaigns to make sure that your clients are receiving the very best. Keep the content fresh, snappy and vibrant, and your campaign will have the potential to garner a whole new group of fans.

4. Don’t be afraid to put your company out there. Have you provided a newsworthy service recently? Maybe your flower arrangement was shortlisted to appear at the Olympic Games or you raised a large sum for a local charity? Whatever your latest news, your audience will want to hear about it. Don’t just rely on online marketing platforms such as social media sites either; get the word out there and into a newspaper or magazine that’ll be interested in the achievement.

5. Blog, blog and blog some more. Do you have an exciting new product you know your customers will love? Are you running a competition? Whatever the news, don’t forget to blog it! Treat your blog like a company newspaper where your audience can come and find all of your top stories on one easy to find platform.

6. Run regular competitions. Although many businesses think that competitions are reserved for larger companies who have a whole host of products to give away, they’re also one of the best ways for smaller businesses to reach a larger audience. We don’t know about you, but we’re always filling our friends in on the amazing contests we’ve seen or entered, even if the prize is just a free week-long cinema pass! The key is to get creative: are you an email marketing company? Give away a free email template. Do you let holiday homes? Treat someone who can’t afford a break to a bottle of wine, some chocolate and a DVD that’ll make for a nice, relaxing night in. When you sit down and get your thinking cap on, the possibilities really are endless!

7. Use the services of a clever online marketing company. Although it is possible to employ effective online marketing strategies on your own, there’s no denying the effect that a professional eye can have on your business. The team at Monkeyfish Marketing have many years of industry experience in keyword optimisation, search engine optimisation and even social media marketing, and can even conduct a free website health check to determine just what is stifling your website traffic. Use the buttons below to contact our friendly team and, in the mean time, don’t forget to employ these crucial online marketing strategies!

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