Online Marketing News: Pinterest Doubles Referral Traffic.

Online marketing newcomer Pinterest beats Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube in the referral traffic stakes.

The Monkeyfish Marketing team have always believed in Pinterest’s potential to become one of a businesses most effective online marketing tools, and new statistics show our prediction has come true! As well as garnering more traffic than Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube combined, the virtual mood board has also overtaken Reddit and Myspace for total referral traffic in January. In-fact, Pinterest accounted for 3.6% of referral traffic, a phenomenal increase when you consider that in July of 2011 it accounted for just 0.17%. Twitter managed to steal second place with a 3.61% referral, whilst social media and online marketing giant Facebook remains top of the stakes with a huge 26.4%. 4.3% of this came from the Facebook mobile site, a sure sign that online marketing is still heading firmly in the direction of our handsets. However, Pinterest are continually upping their game and have already begun to adapt to this growing trend among online marketing tools with its own mobile app. Now allowing users to  repin on the go and pin from whichever mobile site is currently taking their fancy, the site has already begun to reach an even wider audience. With such impressive growth under their belts after just under a year, we’d love to know what you are predicting for the future of social media marketing – will Pinterest be overtaking Twitter come 2013? Or do you think it’s just a temporary social media trend?

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