The Role Of Keywords In Online Marketing

Online marketing masterclass: decoding the art of keywords.

Despite a wave of new online marketing trends hitting the internet, they would be nothing without help from the humble art of keyword optimisation. A ‘keyword’ refers to a single word or combination of words that consumers type into Google to find their desired product or service, so without employing the most relevant of these to your own website, you risk losing out on potential clients that can’t find your business amongst the sea of other search results. The word ‘relevant’ is key here; less is often more when it comes to online marketing. It is one thing hitting a high volume of traffic, but if that traffic then doesn’t go anywhere, what use is it to your company? Use tools like Google Keywords to work out which words or phrases are most popular with Google and employ only the most important ones to your site, directing surfers to the specific page and product they were looking for. If very few people are using the keywords you have chosen, your website is going to get very, very lonely. The best way to optimise your keywords is to take some time to first plan a proper strategy; if you have too many ideas jostling for position, then your website is going to too. Begin by writing down your site’s goals and putting yourself into your audience’s shoes – what exactly are you offering? And what would people type into Google when searching for your niche? Don’t forget to spice things up a bit either. The keywords you chose two years ago may very well not be relevant anymore, so set aside half an hour of your day to visit the Google Keyword tool and see what might have changed. Keywords are also a fantastic way of promoting any offers or new products that you’d like to push – variety is the spice of life, remember? And especially so within the world of online marketing. Finally, the key thing to remember is to act natural. Although Google may have brought custom to your website, no-one is going to stay on it if it is badly written and populated by stilted keywords that stand out like a sore thumb. They should be artfully spaced out and flow into your copy naturally, and preferably be optimised within your site’s all important titles and subtitles. The team at Monkeyfish Marketing live to please, so feel free to scroll through the rest of our blog posts for more handy online marketing hints and tips, or see how we could help your website blossom with our clever keyword services.

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