Predicted Marketing Trends for 2018

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Trends to look out for...

With more and more web users choosing mobile devices are their main, or sole method, of browsing the internet, it is becoming more crucial to tailor the content towards them.

Mobile-Tailored Social Media

It is estimated that mobile users spend about three hours a day on their device, triggering approximately 75 user sessions throughout this period. This means that we are offered 75 different digital advertising opportunities.

As a local business, by geo-targeting ads on social media, you can create a high CRO. For example, if a café sent out an ad to Twitter users within a 5-mile radius, offering a discount, it is likely to entice customers within the area.

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Mobile First SEO

Google is slowly transitioning towards the implementation for the Mobile First Index as desktop figures are quickly declining. This means that soon, Google will rank mobile responsive websites ahead of non-responsive sites for the same keywords.

At MonkeyFish, our Design and Development teams optimise each one of our new builds to ensure that they are mobile-friendly and compatible with a wide range of popular devices. Find out how we can improve your SEO now.

Google Ads

Despite the ever-growing cost of Google Ads, they are predicted to boom in popularity in 2018. This is because Google has announced that it will be releasing a wide range of new tools to support digital marketers with more refined conversion tracking.

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