SEO Myths That Need Busting

There are a high number of myths that surround SEO within the Internet Marketing Industry. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a group of techniques and clever Internet Marketing tricks that use honest, ethical ways to allow you to improve your natural listings and also gain good traffic to your website.  

  • Google/Search Engines will only 'read' the first 100 words to index your article, this is wrong if you write a description Google will use that and compare it to your text, checking it corresponds and then uses approximately 155-160 words of your description.


  • Using pay per click advertisements is the only way to rank on Google. Wrong again, there are many “white-hat” techniques that can be used to create good natural listings on Google and other Search Engines.
  • Content doesn't increase Google popularity; wrong, if your content is 'original' and you regularly post, Google begins to trust your website and your popularity with Google itself will grow as Google 'trusts' you as a user.


  • Everybody uses SEO and it isn't worth bothering with. Wrong; there are a massive number of people who do not use or even know about the existence of SEO and so they do not use it to their full potential. SEO creates strong, ethical and natural listings and can vastly improve traffic to your website.


  • All traffic is good traffic, wrong. This is probably one of the worst myths around and yet it is believed by many. Traffic that is relevant and interested in your business is good, however using bad techniques and underhand methods to “lure” other people to your website will not improve you business. Traffic that is relevant and looking for your business will make you successful.
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