Website Marketing News: LinkedIn and Twitter End Partnership

Website marketing news: LinkedIn drop Twitter

It was announced on Friday that Twitter would no longer continue its partnership with business-networking site LinkedIn, declaring an end to its synced in updates from one site to another. The partnership, that began in 2009 seemed like a clever website marketing move, allowing users to link their Twitter accounts to the networking platform, updating it as and when content was posted online. While LinkedIn will still allow users to share their updates on Twitter, the reverse is no longer available. While Twitter have cited that they want to concentrate on 'delivering a consistent experience on Twitter', it is thought that the social media phenomenon may want to separate itself from LinkedIn following its recent security breach which saw 6 million passwords stolen from the business-networking site. Other reasons that have emerged for the departure include the $5 million lawsuit by a LinkedIn user, claiming that the site deceived its members by having a security policy that was "in clear contradiction of accepted industry standards for database security", as well as a possible disagreement over potential advertising revenue. The relationship was said to end 'amicably' but with each sites website marketing strategies evolving at rapid speeds, it certainly won't hinder their online presence or popularity. While the partnership was convenient for many Twitter users using the site to simultaneously update their LinkedIn profiles, the separation will now mean LinkedIn content is more specific to the networking site, maintaining its professional persona. As the UK's highest ranking internet marketing company, we love keeping up to date with all the latest website marketing and social media news. Whether its a Google update or a brand new social networking site - find out all you need to know about the busy world of internet marketing by visiting our news section. To find out more about working with us, contact us using the buttons below and we'll be in touch as soon as we possibly can.

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