Website Marketing Tips: Facts About Flash

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There's no question about it, Flash sites look impressive, but with a growing emphasis on SEO (search engine optimisation) and usability, are they really as extraordinary as they appear to be? If your site uses Flash, read our top website marketing tips... Is it necessary? If you currently use Flash or are thinking of re-vamping your website, ask yourself this basic question... do I really need it? Will it help you to communicate more effectively? Will it affect your customers user experience? If the only reason you use, or are planning to use Flash is for aesthetic appeal, then perhaps you should think again. Will your customers have the plug-in? It is estimated that up to 85% of internet users have the flash plug-in installed on their computers, but what about those that are using an outdated version or don't have the plug-in at all? Although you may offer them the option to download it once they hit your site, users are more likely to go elsewhere to find what they are looking for than spend time downloading a plug-in. What about your mobile market? Many smartphone browsers and tablet devices do not support Flash. If you have a high percentage of mobile users, it may be worth creating a flash-free version of your site that will display when a mobile device is detected. Is SEO an important part of your website marketing strategy? If SEO is an important part of your business' website marketing strategy it is important to note that Flash sites cannot be optimised to their full potential. Search engines such as Google and Yahoo will simply not have enough text on which to base their indexing. Flash should be used sparingly if used at all. If a contemporary, cutting-edge, animated look is your main reason for using Flash, then it may be worth considering what you hold important within your website marketing campaign. While Flash can add some enriching user experiences to a website, HTML is much more compatible overall, especially for search engine optimisation.

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