What is M-Commerce?

M-commerce is, by definition, purchasing goods or services through a mobile phone, whether it be via an app or a mobile-friendly website. Over the last five years there has been an exponential increase in sales made through m-commerce, so what does this mean for your business?



Mobile Friendly Sites

Companies can utilise e-commerce by making their site mobile-friendly. By creating a responsive website, customers can easily navigate and buy products with a simple click on their smartphones. Consumers expect uniformity across their devices and if they can’t understand your business' site, they are unlikely to complete a purchase.

To ensure cohesion between desktop and mobile pages the content, including text and media, should adapt to the size of the screen it is being viewed on. The MonkeyFish design and development departments ensure that all the new sites and existing pages we work on are optimised to be adaptable between different devices. Look at the full range of design work Monkeyfish has done for mobile and desktop sites. You can also see how we optimise content and marketing for m-commerce here.

phpwbgWVP_What_is_is_m-commerce4.jpg Smartphone Applications

Research in recent years has also shown that sales are increased when an online shop has an app to accompany its website. Conversion increases threefold when a smartphone app has been used as opposed to a mobile site. This is thought to be due to consumers who download a company’s app being loyal, and therefore more likely to buy from the business.

Here at MonkeyFish, our development team not only build websites from the ground up but can also design an app that showcases your products and services. See how the MonkeyFish Development team can create a bespoke website and app for your ecommercecompany.

Why M-Commerce?

Search engines such as Google are recognising the importance of m-commerce and enforcing penalties for non-mobile friendly sites, as they now favour pages that have responsive design and content. There are many advantages to catering to the smartphone audience, who prefer an instant shopping experience where they can access stores and their offers whenever they wish. Features such as shopping cart abandonment reminders and single click ‘pay now’ buttons can be implemented, boosting your sales.

Contact MonkeyFish to help manage your m-commerce

From initial development to SEO friendly content, MonkeyFish can help your company flourish in the m-commerce industry. Be inspired by the work we do and browse our range of projects here.

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