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Launch of the New MonkeyFish Website

Today the 22nd of July is officially the beginning of a brand new era for Internet Marketing guru’s MonkeyFish Marketing as they announced the official launch of their dynamic new website. MonkeyFish Marketing who have now been established for just over two years and as time moves on; so do MonkeyFish Marketing, constantly enhancing their reputation as a major force within the internet marketing world. When MonkeyFish Marketing first set out upon their rise to internet marketing dominance it was with just two people who had visions of what the company is rapidly becoming, as they both had the insight to ensure that a dream become a reality, what they didn’t expect however was such a rapid ascent.


As the company progressed and began to realise its ambitions and start achieving the goals that it had set, it became increasingly evident that more staff needed to be set on to deal with the rise in demand due to the exceptional work that Phill Monk and his partner had put into the business. This initiated the introduction of two charismatic individuals who between them were able to boast a vast wealth of knowledge and an exceptional track record in regards to internet and website marketing , with both being responsible for the turnaround in fortunes of a number of major marketing companies. With more experience and internet marketing background knowledge being introduced to the company it was evident that the company was only going to become more of a force so it was time to set about introducing a marketing team worthy of the challenge ahead. Now just over two years since the establishment of MonkeyFish marketing, they are able to boast a combined team of eighteen staff, all of who have a hands on role in assisting the company in evolving and moving forward. As a company it’s MonkeyFish marketings main ambition to ensure that the company’s who come on board with us drastically improve and enhance their all round web presence, we aim to do this by introducing them to ethical search engine optimisation campaigns that will ensure that they see a dramatic rise in their organic search engine listings under their targeted keywords. We now have a client list that portrays how much we have managed to achieve as a company and how far we have come as a combined marketing force, and this all down to the hardwork and dedication that has been implemented into the journey so far by each and every individual.


To get a sample of the work that has been put into every single campaign that we have taken on since day one, please feel free to have a browse through our creatively designed website, under the latest clients category. Just to give you an example of the success we have managed to achieve for our clients, since we took over the website marketing campaign of one client in particular, he has managed to see a 300% increase in sales revenue. MonkeyFish marketing constantly strive attain excellence in ethical, white label internet marketing, consistently driving targeted customers to the doorstep of our large portfolio of clients to dramatically increase their company sales revenue.


We truly believe, and this is mirrored by our current success, that our own knowledge and skill in regards to marketing products and services through all internet media and social media, coupled with a drive and energy will effectively enable MonkeyFish to become a global market leader and preferred choice in our marketplace. The next step in the progressive world of MonkeyFish marketing is to drastically broaden our horizons and take the company to next level by moving into the European market and getting a strangle hold on a much wider audience.

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Launch of the New MonkeyFish Website