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Lift Engineers

Sheridan Lifts is a very successful company, that was first introduced on to the lift scene in around 1979, when it was founded by the first generation of the Sheridan family to make a big splash in the world of lift installation and lift repairs. Since then the Manchester based firm has been going strength to strength every year, with over thirty years of hands on experience and that has now been passed through three generations of the Sheridan family tree. Since the establishment of the company by Stanley Sheridan all them years ago, the company has built up an unrivalled reputation both in the industry and amongst our portfolio of clients, for offering a fantastic service, which is deemed as professional, efficient and reliable. Although Sheridan Lifts was initially renowned for its lift maintenance, the company has evolved and developed into dealing with every aspect of lift services, we are now a multi-faced company who provide a broad and varied range of lift products and services. We specialise in;



    • Lift Installation


    • Lift Services


    • Lift Repair


    • Lift Modernisation


    • Lift Maintenance


    • Lift Engineering


    • Lift Refurbishment



It is our philosophy as a company to constantly strive to offer exceptional customer service to all of our clients, whilst ensuring that the work that is undertaken by our highly experienced lift engineers consistently surpasses the expectations of our large portfolio of clients.

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Lift Engineers